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Feedback and Reviews

Recently, on the Fabricare Forum, Brandon said:

'Reviews: For dry cleaners I see about 80% of them are bad, so I think 
its best to just not be as bad as your competition.'

I've recently seen a dry cleaner include a request for his customer's 
feedback in his email marketing message. While I certainly applaud his 
efforts, I have my own reservations about the way he is going about 
getting his reviews.

I think this cleaner is taking a huge risk driving customers to leave 
feedback at a review web site. Its all fine and dandy when customers are 
leaving positive feedback, but what would happen if this cleaner had an 
unsatisfied customer that received his email message, took him up on his 
offer to leave feedback, and then filled in a review with NEGATIVE feedback?

While I understand that this review website the cleaner is using DOES 
allow one to moderate feedback, again I point to how socially 
unacceptable it is within the online community to censor comments. If a 
customer who left negative feedback discovers their comment had been 
removed, well, they are very likely to not only reiterate their negative 
experience on another feedback site or sites. Once a customer feels that 
you have censored or deleted their comment, these same customers are 
likely to blow your credibility by adding onto their original complaint 
in another feedback forum you CAN'T control or edit posts. Its risky 
manipulating reviews, and much better (as Brandon said) to work it out 
with your customer.

This is precisely why I developed a system to ask for feedback designed 
to grab negative feedback BEFORE it hits the public.

Check out: http://www.customerloyaltynetwork.com/feedback/

This system is designed to enable customers to leave comments, but I've 
added some (good) twists to the system.

First off, I added some intelligence to the system. If a customer leaves 
a rating of three stars of less, the system will automatically email the 
business owner the rating and review. This gives the business owner an 
unimpeded view of the bad news, and its delivered directly from the 
customer to the owner. The commenter's name and email address is 
included in the email message, so now the business owner can contact the 
commenter and begin the process of resolving the issue.

I've also included an autoresponse system. Whenever you receive a low 
rating, the system will email a prepared message to the commenter. Most 
disgruntled customers and bad situations can be effectively diffused 
simply by having a quick response to the upset customer. The 
autoresponder works 24/7/365, on guard to immediately respond to an 
upset customer.

Second: if the commenter leaves positive feedback, I've built in tools 
that will help your customer spread the word. Again, there is a built in 
autoresponder that kicks in to contact the commenter and sends a 
prepared message. In the sample prepared message, I've set up the system 
to include a copy of the positive review, and I encourage the commenter 
to post the positive review in certain review web sites. I even include 
links in the message to your favorite review websites to make is super 
easy to leave their positive feedback for you.

In addition to making it easy to leave feedback, I've also included a 
viral component into the system. The commenter is presented with an 
opportunity to 'Like' your facebook page (adds and expands your fanbase) 
and can also add his comment on his facebook page to spread the good 
word about your business to his friends.

Brandon says: It's hard to get a negative Yelp review removed unless you 
convince the user to do it.

This is what I consider the genius of my system. This system runs 
ethical interference enabling you and your business to get a hold of 
problems BEFORE customers go to Yelp and other review websites and trash 
your reputation.

Plus, all your reviews are captured in the database.

You can build a list of folks who are satisfied with your service. 
Identifying satisfied customers enables you to build a list of 
ambassadors who are willing to talk about your business. Dry cleaners 
are always looking for ways to get referrals, here is a system that will 
capture the name and email address of people PROVEN to talk about your 
business with their friends/family.

And lastly, here is another benefit. Your reviews are literally at the 
mercy of the review web site. Sometimes data goes bad, or a database 
gets corrupted, and your entire collection of reviews could be gone. 
That's a good thing if you have a lot of bad reviews, but its VERY 
harmful if you've got a lot of good reviews. Check out what happened to 
this car dealer who lost 400 positive reviews when Google decided to do 
some trimming:


My review system collects all your reviews into a database that you can 
back up your comments. You can also download copies of all your reviews, 
and then, with your customer's permission, use them in your print 
marketing, web sites, social media sites, anyplace you wish.

And yes, there are hangtags available to promote your review system to 
your customers, and start collecting feedback right away.

You are no longer at the mercy of someone else's review system, and 
you've got a solid system in place to alert you to complaints and 
complainers BEFORE they trash your reputation.