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CRM Direct Mail Program

 This is a outline (with examples) of a complete Customer Relationship Management Program using direct mail, specifically, post cards.

 The whole idea of a solid Customer Relationship Management program is to have a system in place to engage customers from the time they first start doing business with you, through the growth stages where you encourage customers to expand their relationship with you, up to and including systems and processes to recapture customers you've lost, or about to.

Our system starts with a comprehansive prospecting program, one that covers your entire market area every quarter. We recommend an inclusive offer like the one on the prospecting postcard below.



Once a customer has responded with an order, it would be a good idea to set the hook and acknowledge every new customer. Studies have shown that it takes at least three return visits and purchases to break a customer's habit of shopping their previous provider. Sending new customers a New Customer Card goes a long way towards cementing your customer's new shopping habit.

New Customer

Once a customer has made a purchase or two, or has settled into their regular pattern of spending, you may find it beneficial to encourage customers to bring on marger orders, more often, maximizing their spend with you. Most customers when left to their own devices will contibue to make three or four purchases per year, often not changing their habits or straying far from them year after year. Often, this means you could be leaving money on the table as some garments never make it into the 'go to the cleaner' pile, and sometimes even entire trips to the cleaner are put off or skipped entirely. This is where Data mining can be a very helpful tool as 'up and comer' customers can be readily identified and a post card with an incentive like the one belwo can be sent out and offer encouragement to come in with an order, a larger than usual order, or even an entire extra visit.


Within your customer list, you have some customers that are big spenders, very regular (bring in orders more than six times a year or more), and they require & appreciate special attention. These high value customers are the ones we really want/need to hold onto. There is no better way I know of other than to acknowledge such customers with a preferred customer card like the one below.

Top 20

Over time, some customer will die or move away. Its inevitable. But, there are also customers who simply slip away in silence. There is no need to allow any customer to leave without first trying to re-invigorate your relationship again. We all appreciate a second chance. Send your lapsed customers a We Miss You card like the one below.

We Miss You

As you can see, this is a very comprehensive program, leaving almost no opening for a customer to escape. If you would like to put this complete program at work within your business, please contact us.