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Mobile Marketing and More (detailed)


DCU Mobile Marketing and More copy We have a very exciting marketing system to introduce to you today. This system integrates various social media channels and could even spread word of your business virally online across social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and more!

This system integrates QRcodes, mobile phones, desk tops, web browsers, Facebook Likes, Facebook Like Gating, Facebook users wall posts, Twitter's tweet to followers, email to friends, Google Maps, and dial a smart phone (on smart phones), into one simple to use system. This system even offers a simple reporting system to monitor how many times a campaign is tweeted, shared on Facebook, opened on a cell phone, forwarded to a friend, and more.

There are many touch points within this system to engage your customers and get them involved with this marketing tool.

DCU Mobile Marketing QRcode.jpgA simple QR Code can be used to start the process of spreading the word. If you are not familiar with QR codes, a QR code is a block shaped bar code with information encoded into it. An actual live working example of a QR code is pictured to the right.

As I mentioned, QR codes can be encoded with information, information such as a web link, v-card information, an email address, a phone number, trigger a text message, and more. The QR code image on the right is encoded with information to trigger a smart phone to open a web browser and display a web page designed for display on smart phone screens. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

HangTagQRcodeThese QR code bar codes can be used in many ways. You could, if your point of sale system is capable, display this QR code on your invoices. You could blow it up and make a large sticker for your van. You could copy the QR code image and print them out on a sheet of Avery Shipping Labels and stick this QR code all over town. Personally, I'm fond of adding the QR code to direct mail pieces, web sites, within HTML enabled email messages, posters, and even hang tags (like the hangtag image to the right).

Another great way to start spreading the word is to POST the QR code image to your Facebook page and encourage your Facebook friends and fans to scan the code. You can also TWEET it to all your Twitter followers.

Folks who are 'in the know' know that QR codes can mean something, and there are lots of curious folks who will snap a picture of this QR code. When they do, their smart phone will do what the QR code tells it to do. Scroll back up this post and use your own smart phone to scan the QR code I included above. Yes, its a real, live QR code! TRY IT!

But a QR code is just ONE WAY of starting to spread the word and begin the interaction with customers and potential customers. You can also use the Web Links that the Mobile Marketing system generates. The Mobile Marketing system will generate a seperate web link for use on Mobile Phone web browsers, and another web link for use on Desktop Web links. You can always share those links in email messages, or post on social media.

So, lets get into some of the more interesting features this Mobile Marketing system offers.

First off, this system can be personalized for your business. There is a 'stock' logo image included in this system. It looks just like the image below.


Within the Administrator section of this software, you can replace the stock logo with your own logo. Anyone with nominal Photoshop (or Gimp) photo editing skills can create their own logo image to be used to personalize all campaigns. Here is an example of one such personalized logo image below.

Feigenbaum logoplaceholder

Creating the rest of the message is very simple and straightforward. We've already created a campaign. Take a look at a screen shot of the offer as it will appear on smart phones. Again, if you have a smart phone, scan the QR code above and you will see an actual live offer we are currently running on your phone.

Samsung Galaxy Screen

Here is a close up image of a complete offer ready to be sent to smart phones (below).

Offer image

Now would be a good time to explain some of the cool features the Mobile Marketing and More system offers within a smart phone offer.

Notice the icons on the bottom of the message? Each of those icons has a specific purpose. The image below explains a lot.

Smartphone Buttons.jpg

The 'Call Us' button activates the smart phone dialer, and when the user clicks to authorize a call, the user's smart phone will call you. When you answer, you can reply to any questions, offer information, or, in a short time, we'll be announcing another cool service that will extend the 'Call Us' feature even further for you! (Shhhh, and wait for it!)

The Facebook 'Like' button is LOADED with cool features.

The first Facebook feature is: a simple 'like' the offer button. The first time a user clicks the 'Like' button, a 'like' is recorded to 'like' the offer. This of course adds a 'like' to the user's Facebook profile.

But that is just the start.

If the 'Like Gate' is set to 'ON' within the Mobile Marketing and More system, as soon as a user receives the message on their smart phone, the user will be asked to 'Like' your Facebook page before they can see the offer that will be made to them. This will drive up the number of 'Likes' on your Facebook page. With the end of Facebook Like Gating on March 31st, this system will become VERY important in helping you increase Likes for your Facebook page.

Once the user has clicked the 'Like' button and Facebook has recorded the 'Like' on the user's Facebook page, the user will then be prompted if they want to 'Share' the offer with others by posting a link on their Facebook user's Wall. Here is an example below of what will be posted on the User's Facebook wall when they accept.

Facebook Like Pop up

Of course, the message that will be posted on the user's Facebook Wall is controlled within the Mobile Markeintg and More system, and can be changed to whatever you would like that message to say. You can even swap out the 'sale tag' image if you wish.

How effective is the Facebook viral aspects of this system? Well, in a word; VERY. As you may have noticed in the screen shots and sample images, certain folks already 'LIKE' the offer? Well, I was testing the system on a Saturday night at 9:30 to 1:00 am (usually the SLOWEST time for Internet usage). During that 'slow' time, I had ten of my friends notice the posts for offers being made to my wall. They in turn clicked on the offer posted, and ended up adding the post to their wall. This in turn brought in four more 'new' folks who 'liked' the test page I had configured into the system. I was so impressed, but at the same time I became worried about my Test Offer running too far, so I had to delete the post.  I came to the conclusion that either my friends too are way too involved with the Internet and social media (like me) or this system has some extraordinary capabilities to go viral given conditions are right.

But, we are not done yet. There is MORE.

The Twitter icon enables the user to use their Twitter account, and TWEET a message to all their followers. The Mobile Marketing and more system will generate a TWEET that the user can forward your offer to all their followers, including a Bitly link back to your offer in the Tweet. Check out the screen shot of the demonstration Tweet generated below.

Twitter Share.jpg

Once again, the Twitter message that the Mobile Marketing and More system generates can be customized within the administration area of the software.

The 'Email icon' is yet again ANOTHER great tool that is included in EVERY outgoing message. Clicking on the icon opens the user's email client, and populates an email message with text. See the screen shot below.

Email Share

And again, the Mobile Marketing and More system can be configured to create whatever message you wish within the administration area of the software.

Finally, the 'Maps' icon with each campaign message is linked to YOUR location. When the user clicks on the icon, their web browser is activated bringing up the Google Map to your location. The user simply can use their web browser to find wherever you are located, including TURN BY TURN directions!


Now, not everyone is using their smart phone. Desktop user are not left out. The Mobile Marketing and more system also includes a Desktop message with each campaign. Check out the screen shot of the Desktop Message below.

Desktop Offer

As you can see, the Desktop version of the offer also includes the same feature capabilities as the smart phone version. 

Desktop Buttons.jpg

The Desktop version of the offer includes one extra feature! You can (if you have the HTML and Java coding skills) (if you don't have the skills, we do offer support at our regular hourly billable rates) add a 'Print' button to your campaigns.

Once again, if you have decent Photoshop or Gimp photo editing skills, (and a little coding skills), you can add Printable Coupon to your desktop offers/campaigns.

Desktop print and custom offer.jpg

The Mobile Marketing and More system includes a per campaign Reporting system. Each campaign generates its own stats that are captured and displayed so you can see how many times an offer has been displayed on a smart phone, phone calls generated, Facebook shares, Twitter shares, Email shares, and Address Look ups.

Mobile Marketing Results Reports.jpg

While I've made every attempt to explain how this system works, nothing will replace EXPERIENCING the system for yourself.

I encourage you to try this system out for yourself. Scan the QR code below with your smart phone and try it!

DCU Mobile Marketing QRcode.jpg

If you want to see what offers look like in your browser, here are direct links to each:

Smart phone offer:

Desktop offer:

All buttons are live, and work. Go ahead and click those too! Try the Like feature(s).

Cost to use the system is $225.00 per year for non-members, DCU members pay $125.00. This is for unlimited campaigns and usage. Support (Photoshop services, code writing, etc) is at standard hourly rates of $75.00 an hour for non-members, and $50.00 an hour for DCU members.

If you want this system to go to work for you, please give us a call at (306) 585-3248, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .