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Online Reputation Monitoring Management and Restoration Service for dry cleaners

 It takes years or even a lifetime to build a reputation, and only 30 seconds to utterly destroy a reputation.

These days, with the abundance of so called 'review' web sites, your reputation is always at stake. Yelp, Yellowpages, Superpages, Google Reviews, all are ready to accept a review from any and all posters. One disgruntled customer with an axe to grind posting a bad review leaves a stinging black mark on what could be a stellar career in dry cleaning. As the old saw goes, a satisfied customer tells no one, an unsatisfied customer tells everyone. And now, all these review website are providing a grandstand with megaphone with which a disgruntled customer can spread his vitriol.

Worse yet, an unethical competitor using a fake name can post a false review completely trashing you and your business. You are almost completely vulnerable.

We offer a online reputation monitoring, reputation management, and reputation restoration service for drycleaners.

Reputation Monitoring:

We monitor ten of the largest and most popular review web sites for you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. As soon as someone posts a review that does not meet the threshold standard you wish, our monitoring systems will notify you by email. This gives you an opportunity to monitor your online reputation continuously, and enables you to respond almost immediately.

Reputation Management:

You may or may not know what to do when someone makes a false accusation or posts a very negative review about you and your business. We have over ten years of online reputation management experience working with or for some of the best repuation management firms in the world. Members of our reputation managment team have experience with fortune 500 companies, Government agencies, and small businesses across North America and internationally. Our team is available to work with you via our membership based forum to assist you in dealing with this serious situation.

Reputation Restoration:

Our team is also prepared to go to work FOR you. Our experts will work on your behalf to restore your damaged reputation by dealing with disgruntled customers on your behalf. Its sometimes better to have a nuetral third party respond to negative feedback on your behalf because we are distanced from the emotions that you might not be able to control. We also have years of experience dealing on both sides of issues, so we bring level heads and hard earned experience to resolve issues and complaints on your behalf. While some negative comments never go away (it seems like anything posted online lasts forever), there are certain techniques that we can use to make bad reviews harder to find, and sometimes even dissapear.

If you have questions, or would like more information, please feel free to contact us.