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Route Sales System

I have designed a sales system for dry cleaners that offer pick up and delivery route services. I have created a system that is so simple that motivated drivers who also sell to build their own routes can use it. Or one could hire a part time sales staff and use this system to build their route. My system runs on Ipads and Android powered tablets.

My system has an excel spread sheet to keep route sales folks organized. We can pre-populate the spread sheet with prospect data (rented data requires an additional fee). The idea is the sales person would use this spread sheet to achieve a 100 percent sales call saturation in the targeted market. The sales person simply opens the spread sheet, and starts working the list, checking off completed calls, noting call backs and return calls, keeping the sales person focused and on task.

That's right, I've designed the spread sheet so that the sales person can record the results of every sales call. If the prospect is not at home, too busy for a presentation, or requests a call back at a better time, I've left space in the spread sheet to record such information. This way, after the sales staff have worked the entire block, they can go back and fill in the spots they missed, or have a record of when they should come back with a follow up call as requested. This will ensure that 100 percent coverage of the targeted sales territory, and in an efficient manor.

There are more features included in the spread sheet, but I'll reserve those for members only.

One of the biggest issues any dry cleaner that offers routes faces is making SALES calls! Its VERY hard to find people who want to sell. Selling is a thankless job with A LOT of rejection. It takes a special person to do it, or does it? I've been working with dry cleaners and dry cleaners that offer route services for a long long time, and I've found that route drivers don't want to sell, they mainly want to drive clothes back and forth between the plant and the customer. I've also found that when a dry cleaner hires a sales person, that sales person stays just long enough to get a better (sales) job. This constant staff turn over is a pain, and everytime you lose an employee, you lose the skills you've bought and paid for. Everytime you start all over, you are starting from scratch. Pretty soon, you may end up giving up on sales altogether.

But I've found that it may be easier to take someone who has some basic sales potential, give them some basic sales training and tools, and grow your own sales person. You can, with moderate effort, train your own sales person. These folks tend to stay around longer, and fit in better with your business, because you trained them to YOUR business' needs.

But right there is the issue: Training resources and a training process. You likely don't have one. Well, I do! And its part of my route sales system.

I've developed a library of sales pitches and presentations, and loaded them into an Ipad or Anroid powered tablet. All that is required of your new sales person is to follow their assigned sales territory call list, and follow the presentation loaded in their tablet. 

Let's face it, the toughest part of selling is simply knowing what to say.  I've developed a series of sales presentations, complete with script and appropriate presentation slides for your sales people to use. With these 'canned' presentations, your newest hire can be almost as effective as your more experienced sales folks. These canned presentations shorten the learning process, and because many of these presentations are already field tested, your new hire can start generating results despite not having an experience. It makes it easy for a new sales person to get going. These presentations fill that need expertly.

Here is a link to a sample presentation loaded onto my tablet:

Not every presentation fits perfectly, so these presentations can be modified, personalized, and customized for your business. Each city, state, and country has subtle differences, so what works for one dry cleaner, may not work for another. That's why I've also created a members only online forum where non-competing members using my system can meet and share sales techniques and presentations that are or are not working for them. You will be able to compare notes with other dry cleaners who also offer route services, and pick up ideas to try or use in your operation. You will also be able to download more presentations as we create them. So, you will be tapping into a network of never ending ideas and presentations.

The cost of my Route Sales system is $1,600, and that includes your subscription to my Dry Cleaners Route Sales members only web site. Current Members of Drycleaners University receive a discount of $400 off the cost of this system.

If you are interested in my system, contact me at 306.585.3248, or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.